Monday, February 26, 2024

Panda Research

There are literally hundreds of online money making schemes. Many of them are just that – schemes. The trick to finding a legitimate online survey company is to do a little research. If a site promises $10,000, chances are it’s a scam. A trip to the Bahamas? It’s a scam. But when they offer you $3 to do a 10 minute survey, chances are it’s legitimate.

I’ve been participating in online surveys since I got laid off from my job two months ago. While these sites will not pay your mortgage, or make you wealthy, they are a good way to earn a few extra dollars in between job interviews.

The thing I like about is that it’s easy. The surveys generally only last about 10 minutes and pay anywhere from $3 to $10. It’s not a lot of money, but it sure beats watching daytime television.

Signing up for this site is easy. If you are thinking of having several e-mail accounts and doing repetitive surveys, don’t. Only one person per address can sign up for this site. And IP addresses are easy to check. Take it slow and realize the process for what it is – a chance to earn a few bucks while sitting at home.

There are a variety of surveys to choose from at Many of them are free, but be wary of those who offer $45. The surveys that pay more than $10 often have a catch. Like switching your telephone carrier. Unless you are seriously thinking of doing this, avoid this type of survey. You might end up spending more in transferring your telephone service than you make in the survey.

The best thing about is that they pay through Paypal instead of by check. Signing up for a paypal account is easy and the site has a link to Paypal that will walk you through it. For those of you who are leery of Paypal, don’t be. I’ve been using Paypal for a number of years and have yet had any money stolen.

Paypal is a free service and you can request a debit card from them for no charge. In addition, you can transfer money to and from your bank account without any fees. The debit card has a Mastercard logo and can be used anywhere credit cards are taken. Best of all, for each purchase you make using your Paypal card as a credit card, you get money back into your account.

The only problem with is that you have to accumulate $100 in your account before you receive payment. But it’s not difficult to do. Unlike some survey companies, they will not “kick you off the site” for inactivity. So you can participate in surveys at your leisure. Then, when you have accumulated $100, simply ask to have the money transferred to your Paypal account. It’s really very simple. However, the process does take four weeks for completion.

The surveys range from vacation getaways to shoes. You will not be turned down for any survey. In order to qualify for to be a pandaresearch panelist, you must be a United States resident at least 18 years of age and have a valid e-mail address. They will not accept an anonymous e-mail address, such as a hotmail account or yahoo account. No proxy servers will be accepted. And, again, only one person from each household can qualify.

Online paid surveys can be a fun way to make money while sitting online. If you have an opinion and like to shop, this is an excellent way to make some extra money in your spare time.