Monday, February 26, 2024


A more sophisticated online survey company is This site pays anywhere from $1 to $15 for each survey completed and, best of all, deposit’s the money into your paypal account.

This unique company allows the participant to decide just how many surveys they would like to complete in a month, meaning that your e-mail inbox will not be spammed by hundreds of e-mails each day. Unlike other disreputable sites, they do not promise you a way to make a living, but a way to make a few extra dollars. Payments for completed surveys are deposited into your Paypal account every other month by the site, not by their clients.

Qsample has a variety of clients, ranging from Microsoft to Nike. Surveys generally take anywhere from five to fifteen minutes to complete, depending upon the pay. Once you sign up for the service, you will receive emails when your surveys are ready to be completed. Anyone over the age of 18 can participate in the surveys and participants from all over the world are encouraged to sign up.

Although signing up for Qsample requires you to give some personal information, they will not ask for a bank account, social security number or credit card. Your privacy is guaranteed and they do not “sell” your information to telemarketers. This site is 100 percent legitimate and offers an interesting way to earn a few extra dollars every other month, simply by filling out questionnaires.

In some cases, Qsamples clients will insist upon offering a prize or free giveaway. You do not have to participate in such surveys or provide additional information. You will still get paid for participating in these surveys, however the amount is usually nominal.

One caveat is that Qsamples clients are software companies. A little bit of knowledge about different types of software is helpful if you wish to sign up for this site. Actually, Qsamples is a computer geek’s dream. A legitimate online paid survey company that will poll them about virtually every new software on the market.

The site is owned by Survey Analytics, LLC and is primarily in the business of providing software to companies to conduct research online. Their website indicates that they have over 2000 clients, most of them software companies, with Microsoft being their largest client.

The surveys are far more sophisticated than most of the other online survey companies. One of the surveys that I was asked to participate in involved demographics and employment details in Calgary, Canada. This was way beyond the scope of my knowledge, but an absolute dream come true for anyone who knows anything about software development. Another survey involved ways to draw people to the Arthur Ashe foundation.

Unfortunately, although I signed up to participate in this site, many of the surveys offered were way beyond my field of comprehension. They might as well have been written in Chinese. And although it’s easy money, and I just love giving my opinion about everything, I am hesitant in providing them with information that is way beyond my scope of knowledge.

But the site is legitimate. I can truly testify that I have not been plagued by phone calls or spam. It is the ideal way for someone with a little more computer knowledge than me (which encompasses just about everyone I know, even little kids) to earn a few extra dollars at home while investigating the fascinating world of software.

If you decide to join Qsamples, do so without worry. You can also receive bonus dollars for referring any friends to the site as well. It is a legitimate company and you have nothing to fear.