Monday, February 26, 2024

Send Earnings is an excellent way to may a few dollars while sitting home doing nothing. Just for signing up to this online survey company, I received a $5 bonus. I then began participating in a few surveys that paid $1 each. In less than a half an hour, I earned $7.

Signing up for this service is rather simple. You simple click on to the website, give your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address. This sometimes goes into your bulk or span folder, so look for it shortly after you sign up. In order to earn any money at sendearnings, you must confirm your e-mail address.

The surveys for sendearnings are simpler than those on some other paid survey sites. They actually seem legitimate and do not direct you to countless of other websites. They will occasionally send you e-mails from their advertisers. If you click on these e-mails and visit the sites, you will also receive a small bonus from the survey company for doing this.

It is important, to remain an active member of SendEarnings to continue to visit the websites of the sites advertisers. You don’t need to purchase any products or provide information. Simply click on and click out – it’s that simple. Those who don’t visit the websites are normally put on the “inactive” list and not eligible for pay. So be sure to check your spam folder every other day or so from the sites advertisers.

Only one user for the site is permitted per household. You cannot make up “fake names” and use the same computer, either. Your IP address will be tracked and will result in you getting kicked off the site.

I was actually impressed by the first paying survey I did for SendEarnings. It was all about gym shoes and although it asked dozens of questions, it was about a topic I knew something about and a product that I often purchase. Another survey I attempted was denied by the site because I didn’t fit the criteria. This did not deter me, in fact it added some credibility to the site.

There are dozens of free paid surveys online in which you can participate in SendEarnings. In addition to answering survey questions, participants can refer other members to the site and earn a bonus if they sign up to do the surveys. More money can be made by continuing to visit the sites’ advertisers.

Payment is made once a month, but for not less than $30. Once you have earned $30 in your account, you can request payment. Payments are sent to your house via check or money order and there is a $3 fee if you request a money order.

Those living outside the United States can also sign up for this service, however they do need to speak English as this is the only language available on the site. WebTV users are also permitted to participate as well.

Once you have made $30, you can request payment from the site. However, do not expect it to come quickly. Most of the survey sites I have visited take about 30 days to send out payments to individuals. You also must continue to be a member in good standing in order to get paid, so bookmark the site and visit it each day. And be sure to pay attention to the e-mails you receive from the site. They will not only earn you a percentage of the profits, but will keep you an active member of the account.

Members of the site can purchase a “Gold Membership” which gives you extra benefits including unassigned referrals. When I signed up for the website, I did not do so through a referral, so my referral bonus went to a Gold Membership member.

Once you have completed a survey, it can take up to five days to show up in your earnings account, although some survey payments show up immediately. In many cases, it takes a while to confirm the survey. I have found that this is the way of most survey companies.

For the most part, I found to be a reputable online survey site. Although the survey process was a bit lengthy, there were no “hidden agendas” and the survey stayed right on target. It reminded me of taking a survey at the mall. I definitely recommend to anyone who is thinking about taking surveys at home for extra money.