Monday, April 22, 2024

The Power of Public Opinion

One of the major influences on corporate behavior in this day and age has been the opinion of the public – a pehnomenon known as “people power”. This “people power” can be seen far back throughout time, and right up to the present day. When, some time ago, the Coca-Cola company decided to change the recipe for their flagship beverage, the reaction from the general public was that the move was tantamount to sacrilege. The company quickly changed back to their “classic” product and sales went through the roof. Since then in particular, major companies have been keen to react to what the public tell them.

The effect of people power is that it creates a trade-off between people and corporations. For the benefit of hearing people’s opinions, the companies will pay money and will listen to ideas. This is not out of some sense of corporate responsibility but because companies know that without the public’s goodwill and spending power they will not be able to operate. The online survey is a clear move in the direction of people power. If enough people say clearly that they want something, the companies will make it happen so as to keep their market share high.

It is important for people to participate in online surveys, because with the Internet being such a major tool in corporate research the results are sure to be listened to. If you want to see a change, or to reject one that you feel is detrimental, the only way to ensure what you want will happen is to vote with your keyboard and mouse.