Monday, February 26, 2024


I joined in an effort to make a few extra dollars while being laid off of work. The idea of making easy money from home appeals to most people, and if you have a computer, online survey gigs are a good way to start.

They aren’t going to pay your mortgage. You’d have to do surveys non-stop for days straight to make any real money. But if you can manage to do a few surveys a day and keep up with the different websites, you can make a nice supplemental income to enable you to buy the “extras.” is a little different than some of the other online survey companies I joined. For one, instead of awarding you instant cash per survey, they give you points. Each survey you complete is worth about 10 points. Once you reach 1,000 points, you can redeem them for cash, prizes or make a charitable donation.

The nice thing about is that the surveys are short and easy. You can easily do about 10 surveys in a half an hour and earn 100 points. For each 1,000 points, members earn $10 in cash. Each time a participant earns $10 in cash, they can opt to have a check sent to them from

Not all surveys are worth 10 points. Some of them can earn an individual 1500 points. In addition, several times a year, 50,000 points are awarded to a lucky member of And every month, a lucky winner receives a bonus of 10,000 points.

One of the nice things about this site is that you are not inundated with telephone calls from solicitors. Since I joined, I have not received any calls from any telemarketers. MySurvey is generally just interested in getting opinions about their advertiser’s products.

I also like the concept of donating the money to charity. Some of the charities this website supports include The American Heart Association, The Make a Wish Foundation and Save the Children. I’m quite an advocate for children’s charities, particularly the “Make a Wish Foundation.”

Those who accumulate a lot of points have the option of donating some of their earnings to a charity and taking the rest of the earnings in cash or prizes. Only those people living in the contiguous 48 states are eligible to participate in It is not open to those in other countries.

Another way to earn points is to refer a member to the website. For each referral, you earn 150 points. These points can add up very quickly. Members also receive 45 points for just signing up on the website. However, you must remain active in order to maintain your membership. It is best to add to you list of favorites, or bookmarks, and take a survey every other day or so. Inactive members are sent three e-mails. If, after the third e-mail, the member does not respond, the account is cancelled and all points are forfeited.

To avoid missing any e-mails, you should add the website to your address book, so the e-mails don’t go into your spam folder. The first e-mail I received from was directed to my spam folder; luckily, I was expecting it and was able to respond.

Participating in online surveys is a fun, effortless way to earn some cash while sitting at home. makes it easy to do this.