Friday, June 9, 2023

Ispos-I-Say Review

If you’re a sucker for sweepstakes and think that every day can be your “lucky day” to get rich for sitting around doing nothing, than Ispos-I-Say is the online survey company for you.

The site advertises that 50 lucky people a day will win a “prize” worth up to $100. Some of the prizes include back-packs, kitchen gadgets and other “promotional” type items. After extensively reviewing the site and prizes, I’ve yet to see anything worth $100. Once a month, someone will allegedly win a prize worth up to 1,000.

All you have to do to be eligible for winning is to sign up for the site. You provide Ispos-I-Say with information and them promptly turn around and give that same information to telemarketing companies and e-mail spammers. Once enrolled, you can complete as many “no-brainier” surveys as you like. During the course of these surveys, you’ll often be directed to other websites. You’ll think you’re still taking the survey, but in reality, you will be providing dozens of companies with your personal information.

I have one word for this site: Scam. Unless you are in the market for health insurance, an online education or diabetic supplies, be afraid. Be very afraid.

Here’s a little true story that actually happened to me shortly after joining this site:

I signed up and began taking a survey. They asked a few simple questions, then directed me to a site where I was asked to “pick” something I was interested in learning more about. I said “no” to every item. This went on for several pages before I was admonished by a notice that said they were looking for “active” participants in their “marketing partners” products. Like I was mentally incapacitated, they directed me to “look again” at a number of options. And like a dummy, I did.

“Taste of Home” is magazine subscription I’ve held in the past. But as I stopped cooking long ago, and gave up the guilt of not cooking last year, I haven’t felt the need to continue reading this magazine. But I always liked the magazine and occasionally, I think about cooking. So I clicked that I was “interested” in this magazine. I was soon directed to the site and asked to give them some information, which I foolishly did. They said they would send me a free copy of the magazine. I figured I had nothing to lose; if they billed me for the magazine, I’d simply cancel the subscription.

Guess what? They billed me the next day. On my telephone bill. Lucky for me, the bill was due and I took the time to view it online as it seemed higher than normal. I didn’t even think that they could do this; but apparently, they can.

So I now have a subscription to “Taste of Home” and a “chance” to win a prize up to $1,000 in the Ispos-I-Say monthly sweepstakes.

If you are planning on participating in online surveys for cash, make sure that they offer cash and not “sweepstakes” prizes. And make sure you are not directed to other websites. Any paid surveys company that requires you to “support their marketing partners” is not legitimate. And realize that even if you are not giving out your credit card information, you can be billed through your telephone bill.

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