Sunday, December 10, 2023

Getting Paid Just For Giving Your Opinion?

The online survey has become a big tool for businesses in recent years. There is something about the anonymity of the Internet that makes people a lot more honest – at least, outside the realms of chat rooms, anyway – and honesty is a rare commodity in the world of marketing research. When you think about it, would you give your honest opinion to someone who stopped you in the street and asked you potentially leading questions – especially if you had somewhere else to be.

Online research through the medium of paid surveys is the companies’ response to the way that people have reacted to market researchers. When we are asked a question by someone, directly to our face, we have a tendency to give the answer we think they will want to hear. On the Internet, there is an anonymity that makes honesty more likely. It has worked very well for the companies, who now know a lot better what people really think.

Of course, this kind of information comes at a price for the companies, and that price is usually paid to the researcher. For the effort that you put in to fill out these surveys, the researcher will hand some money on to you. One survey is not going to be enough to make a big difference, but if you keep at it for a few hours a day you can make enough money for it to be very good value. Isn’t it about time you were getting paid for your opinion.