Monday, February 26, 2024

Getting Paid By Vouchers

Many of the companies offering the opportunity to do online surveys choose to pay by cash or by cheque, or possibly by PayPal and give their participants the chance to spend that money directly wherever they wish. There is another way of paying out, however, and this is quite popular with many people for the simplicity of the medium. This is the voucher system that allows people to fill in a specific survey and earn a voucher for a specific product. This is not a new way of rewarding people for doing surveys – but for many people it is a perfectly beneficial way to do things.

Many of us will happily complete a survey by a company which offers us a voucher for their product in return. This is the most straightforward way of marketing by incentive, but does of course have its limitations. Doing a survey that pays by voucher is all well and good if you already like that company’s products – but what if you want to have more freedom of choice? And what does a company learn by, essentially, marketing to existing customers? Nonetheless, it remains a popular system.

After all, it never hurts a company to know who and where its loyal customers are. From this they can paint a demographic picture and can hone their marketing to attract more people like those who will enjoy their product too. For the customer it feels that their loyalty is appreciated and has been rewarded – and this is never a bad thing.