Friday, June 18, 2021

Honesty In Online Surveys

There are several ways to fill out a survey. Some people just click randomly to get through the survey and get credit for their opinions as quickly as possible. Others give answers that they would like to be true while still others give the answers they think are supposed to be given. The fact is […]

Getting Paid Just For Giving Your Opinion?

The online survey has become a big tool for businesses in recent years. There is something about the anonymity of the Internet that makes people a lot more honest – at least, outside the realms of chat rooms, anyway – and honesty is a rare commodity in the world of marketing research. When you think […]

Your Place In Market Research

A lot of people do not understand why market research, and particularly online surveys, pay out good money for the simple transaction of giving your opinion when it is asked for. It does seem like a very strange situation for those of us who spend a bit of time on the Internet anyway. But that […]

Does Your Opinion Matter?

Many of us will gladly sit and fill in a survey if it is about a subject that we find interesting – we will answer questions on a topic for as long as we are asked, and if we are offered money to do it then we would all jump at the chance. Taking paid […]

Can You Get Paid To Take Surveys Online?

Sitting in front of your computer, occasionally clicking the mouse and scrolling down a page, answering questions that do not take much out of you mentally. Is this a realistic way to make money? Most people would say it couldn’t be, and it does seem pretty unrealistic – but the fact is that more and […]

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